Sports & Game

Currently Chess, Taek-won-do, Kathak and Indian music – Tabla and Casio/harmonium are offered.
These activities are as much a part of the School curriculum as academic activities. Students are compulsorily encouraged to actively participate in these activities.
The students are expected to take an intelligent interest in debating, dramatics, elocution and quiz. These activities provide a creative outlet for the energy and talent of growing children and apart from broadening the interests of children, they also help in the creation of a more balanced and more fully educated individual, which is the aim of our system of education.
The School believes that the education of youth in the constructive use of leisure is one of the prime concerns of education and it urges all parents to encourage their children to take advantage of the facilities offered by the School to prepare the young for the world in which they will be living in the future.
The School lays the utmost emphasis on training children of leadership which, it believes, is best taught in context of responsibility and involvement.
Therefore, the senior students are not only given the responsibility of assisting the staff with matters of routine administration and maintaining discipline, but they are also represented on the various committees which are entrusted with working of certain aspects of the life matters. It is believed that this system creates greater involvement, educates students in the discipline of constructive critics and assists in developing responsible attitude and behavior.